BRARC is now streaming our meetings and HAM-related presentations.  If you cannot make our monthly meetings at Jackson Park in Hendersonville, but would still like to see the presentation content, you can now do so over the internet.   You will need to download TEAMVIEWER (version 13) at to view our meetings. 
Once you have downloaded TeamViewer, all you will need to do is start the program at about 8:15 pm (Eastern) on the first Tuesday of every month, click on Meeting, and enter meeting number m38-971-461….add your name, and click the big blue button JOIN MEETING.
There are a few things you need to know to successfully view a BRARC meeting remotely:
1.  When you launch Teamviewer, you will see the Teamviewer control panel on the right-hand side of your computer screen.  In the blue area at the top of the control panel, click on the 3rd icon from the left.  This will activate the chat area that allows you to ask questions of the guest speaker at our meetings.
2.  In the Audio drop down (about half-way down on the control panel), make sure your microphone is MUTED and your speakers are UNMUTED.  This will allow you to hear as well as see what is being discussed at the BRARC meetings.
3.  If you do not hear audio, this is likely due to a problem with your computer setup.  If no sound is heard, go into your audio settings and make sure your default is set to your computer’s internal speaker system and that no other speakers are highlighted for phone or radio operation.
4.  If you are using an APPLE computer, you might not be successful in connecting to the meeting.  At present there is a conflict between Apple operating systems and the new version of TeamViewer that should be resolved in the near future.
We hope you enjoy this new feature that is designed to allow everyone to gain new knowledge from our monthly speaker presentations.
David Day – N1DAY