Becoming a Member

It’s easy! There are two ways to join our group. The first is to come to a meeting on the first Tuesday of every month at Jackson Park, 801 Glover St., Hendersonville, NC.

The second, just send a check to Steve Smith KC5F, 607 E Blue Ridge Rd., East Flat Rock, NC 28726-2205. Checks should be made out to Blue Ridge Amateur Radio Club. Include your name, address, phone number, email address with your dues check. If you currently hold and amateur radio license please include your call sign and license class info.

Dues are set yearly by a vote of the membership.

Yearly dues will cover the period from January through December. Dues for additional related members in the same household as a Full or Associate member shall be one-half the applicable rate.

Dues for full-time students at an accredited school will be one-half the regular rate as long as the student status is maintained.

New members joining between July and December will pay one-half the applicable rate for membership through the end of the year.

Dues for 2012 are $20.00 per person; $10.00 per additional family member.