Digital Help

Getting a station set up to operate digital modes is not the easiest prospect. It takes a fair amount of skill to get all of the required settings correct in computer hardware, software, and the transceiver so that your digital signal can be correctly transmitted and heard by other digital stations. And after that is fixed, you still have the issues of macros and all of the nuances of the different modes of operation. If these, or similar problems are keeping your digital station off the air, help is just an email away.

To request help with your digital station, email Ernie Hollingsworth,  or David Day,  and arrange a time for an internet house call. Before the house call, go to Teamviewer and download Teamviewer version 13 or greater. When it is time for the house call, Ernie or David will give you a call and a passcode to conduct a visit to your station via TeamViewer. From there, Ernie and David will take remote control of your shack and walk you through all of the digital setup processes you require to get everything up and running,

It is that simple. Don’t let something like a wrong COM port, Codec, or mis-matched baud rate keep your from joining in on the digital HAM radio fun. Give the BRARC digital doctors a call, and they will guide you through the process of curing an ailing digital station.